Wednesday, April 12, 2017

7 back to school tips for parents of preschoolers

Getting ready for back to school for your tiny tots? Helping your kiddos’ going back to school in a fun way? Follow these tips to make it more fun and lovable.

1. Bring the school routine a bit early in your kid - School routines are there waiting for your kid and he too has enjoyed his summer with late wake ups and late sleeps. Time now it is for you to set the school routine, two weeks before at least, to make him get into a smooth back to school. Wake him up at a certain hour and make him go to sleep also the same way.

2. Gear up your kiddo’s school activities - Backpacks? School supplies? Pink and orange colored lunch boxes? What does your kid like? New outfits in different colors? Keep everything ready. Take your kid to the malls, get everything for him. Take care you spend enough, but meaningfully without a waste. Tiny back packs which will not hold lunch boxes do not serve the purpose. Spend wisely, making your kid happy and ready for his first day at preschool.

3. Talk about the school - First day anxieties are many and your kid may be a fish out of water. He has his anxieties and needs to share them. Who else but with you? Understand him, talk about school activities, classes and lessons. You can even read about school to him and make him understand that preschool is not a matter of anxiety but a place for fun learning.

4. Meet the teacher - Check out the preschool digs. Take your kid to the school and familiarize him with the surroundings. Every year it is a new class and a new teacher. Getting to know the teacher beforehand will help your kid ease into the beginning of the year with less anxiety. Preschool orientation is really an important matter with a positive impact on your kid’s mind for the first day of school.

5. Make your kiddo do things independently - Arranging the back pack or dressing by self or choosing the clothes for the day are not the duties of only the grown up kids, but it is also part of the job of kiddos also. They enjoy being independent and feel responsible for their school going. Encourage their independence to the level they can be independent and allow them to share your work.

6. Prepare the kid for emotional separation - Separation anxiety is a very common factor found among new school goers and also among some parents. Read to your kid about separation anxiety and back him up with emotional support. You know your kid well and know how to address his concerns.

7. Keep the fun in the family - School routine is not all seriousness and it does not mean that your kid is to be done with studies all the time. Give your child the pleasantries of life like family gatherings, swimming together and outings as usual and keep up his spirits for less anxiety in the beginning classes of preschool. Help him enjoy school activities with a free heart and make it fun.

Pre schooling is a tender activity which should be a smooth entry in the journey of education and not a harsh one. Back to preschool is to be handled with care by parents it as it has its own impact on young minds. Make it sweet and stress free through the tips suggested above. Enjoy the grand day with your kid and make it more in the ongoing days.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Top four benefits of preschool

Should your child be enrolled in preschool? This important decision can be made easier with the right information. Here are some of the top benefits of enrolling your child in preschool.

Preschool provides social interaction

While young children can learn from their parents, siblings and other family members, being enrolled in preschool gives children the chance to make friends with those their own age. Depending on the way the program is structured, kids might also interact with those a year older or younger.

Preschool teaches the basics

Establishing a solid foundation for kindergarten is an important goal for any quality preschool. This is done by teaching some basic, important skills. Sharing toys and supplies, taking turns with peers and following classroom rules are skills that children acquire by attending preschool. Having these skills makes the transition to kindergarten easier.

Preschool nourishes creativity

While philosophies of preschools vary, preschool can nourish a child's creativity. Children paint, sing, dance and create crafts. These activities, although fun, serve to strengthen current skills so more difficult skills can be acquired in the future.

Preschool teaches life skills

Programs that strive to teach children to read and write at a young age give kids literacy skills that will serve them throughout their entire lives. Some preschools offer foreign language instruction, recognizing that the younger a person is, the easier it is to learn a foreign language.

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